Hi there! I am Cynthia, 30 years of age, and I am a proud brunette.  Do you know that Vegas masseurs are the best? We are considered to be world class because of our distinct features and charm. I am not just beautiful but also smart enough to capture the hearts of English and non-English speaking men who are looking for a companion not just for social gatherings but also for various activities that they want to do while they are in this part of the world.  Vegas is such a famous destination nowadays, not just for the gambling hub but also for the pretty masseurs. If you allow me to be your masseur, I will provide you with a relaxing massage and you will get to know me even more.  You will find out that I am not just pretty and lovely, but I am also educated, witty and smart enough to be your girl.

I was blessed with the best physique  and curve that men could ever wish for in a girl. My sexiness is truly head turning and I have what it takes to become the best companion for any occasion. Upon laying your eyes on me, you will never turn to anyone else anymore because you will find out that I am enough to satisfy your needs while you are in Vegas. I am one of the best masseurs and companions Vegas has to offer. I am truly beautiful and I am famous because of my distinct personality as well.  It is so advantageous for men to get a massage nowadays, since they are always busy working and they need to relax.



Age: 30
Nationality: American
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5ft 4in
Hair: Brunette
Languages: English
Statstics: C-Cup