Hi there! I am Leah, 22 years old, and I am proud to be blonde.  Surveys have shown that, unlike women, most males prefer not to travel unnecessarily. They find traveling to be an unmanly activity. However, we believe this is not factual. Those men just may not have had a perfect travel friend. Well, I can be the girl whose main pursuit is to give you the best service I can offer when it comes to tour guiding, keeping you company and entertaining your clients. I am one of the girls in Vegas who possess a seductive beauty, shapely curves, and pleasing personality. I am good at behaving in social functions and I am well mannered. I am also playful and erotically minded if the situation calls for it. I am not just beautiful and witty, but I am also well versed in providing different kinds of massage. So if you let me, I can be the perfect girl for you while you are in Vegas.

If you are looking for the best stress reliever, you do not need to go to a spa, because you can just book me and then I will be at your hotel room in just 20 minutes or less to provide you with some of the best stress relieving treatments that I know using cocoa butter for the feet and hands. My previous clients loved this treatment because I use an aromatic extract from the cocoa bean, which is melted and then applied to the hands and feet of the client.  Your hands and feet will be wrapped to make them absorb the moisture and the softening properties this therapy offers. Along with the use of a foot wrap, you will also be given a massage that will address the parts of the body that are in pain, making you feel comfortable afterwards.



Age: 22
Nationality: American
Weight: 112 lbs
Height: 5ft 6in
Hair: Blode
Languages: English
Statstics: B-Cup